About Me

I have been gardening for many years in Ontario, Canada Zone 5 (U.S. Zone 4).

I started this business in 2006 when I became tired of replacing my garden markers every year. I was collecting so many plants that I couldn't remember them all. I have over 30 varieties of Rhododendrons, at least 25 different species of grasses and have recently acquired a passion for collecting unique conifers. Problem is, my garden and budget isn't big enough for the many trees and perennials I would love to own. My garden also features a pond in which 16 fat and contented Japanese Koi thrive.

As a Master Gardener, I attend advice clinics for the public and give presentations to community groups on various garden topics. I am also a member of the garden club in my community.

In the time that I have run this business, I have produced custom labels for botanical gardens, schools and universities, wedding favours and home gardeners. When my customers contact me, they can expect numerous exchanges in which we work together to produce a quality product exactly to their specifications.

I work hard to ensure my customers are satisfied with my product and the number of repeat customers I have is a testament to their satisfaction with my labels.